Cultural Studies Graduate Theses and Projects

All theses or projects completed by Cultural Studies students are listed below by date. Click on the title of a thesis or project to see its abstract, and to view or request to see the whole work. 

PhD Graduates

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Sean Callaghan Building Bridges: Coalitional Formations in Canadian Documentary Cinema of the 1990s
Teresa Carlesimo On the Horizon: Toward a Revisioning of Environmentally-Engaged Arts Practices
Rena Karanouh Last Out of Beirut Turn off the Light - A Chronicle of Beirut Through its Public Spaces
Sunny Kerr   Schizoanalytic Floorplanning and Curatorial Refrains

MA Graduates

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Christopher Hemer The Making of Martyrs: Musicians, Mythmaking, and Counter-Discourse

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Usman Ahmed Chinese-Canadian relations: Highlighting the Unifying Past, Tense Present, and Uncertain Yet Hopeful Future (From an Insider’s Perspective)
Danae Elon The Master Plan: Power, Design and the Making of a Place.
Megan LaPierre Transposing Resonance: Towards an Embodied Poetics of Music
Rebecca Marquez A Story of Storytelling: Listening to Narratives of Belonging within the Indigenous Art Centre
Barbara Constance Matthews Wiedmaier On Care & Carcerality at the Prison for Women (P4W)
Lea Mauas A Rose in the Forgotten Paradise
Lauren Paparousis (Re)Framing Resistance: The Role of Indigenous Comic Books in the Past, Present, and Future
Isabel Whitehead Siding with the Bad Guys: Villainous Protagonists in Crime Media

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Pansee H. Abou El Atta Curating Resistance, Resisting Curation: The possibilities and limitations of objects in institutions
Jessica Burgess Why Stay: Young Independent Filmmakers in Contemporary Havana
Elena Cecchetto Visual Entrapment in Colonial Discourse: Perpetuation of New Racism through Forms of Stereotyped Bodies in Food Products Logos
Filza Naveed Examining Pakistani Identities in Non-Western Cinema in the Post 9/11 Landscape
Lorinda Peterson A Trauma of Two Mothers: How to Make Art With Marshmallow
Lisa Pietersma “A Shimmer in Depth”: Farming, Memory, and the Domestic Rural Aerial
Karen Raddon A Prisoners’ Project in Emergent Ethics

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Craig Berggold Precarious Life, Work and Culture
Paul Ebbs A Free-Agent of Embodied Subject
Adam Lewis Decolonizing Anarchism: Expanding Anarcha-Indigenism In Theory And Practice
Smita Mitra Can the Baul Speak? Development Hegemony and Baul cultural production in West Bengal
Christine Shu Wooing the Domestic Audience: Recent Trends in Contemporary Taiwan Cinema
Emily Tamfo AIDS, Citizenship & Multiculturalism: An Analysis of Canadian HIV/AIDS Media Discourses and Representations
Jennifer Turner From Swimming to Singing: Life after High Performance Sport – Exploring the Embodied Experience of a Female in Sport and Music

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Nicole Bedford What Elders Want: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Elders' Views on Interactions with their General Practitioners
Julie Bourassa Radio, What’s New? Exploring the Meaning of Web-Based Radio in Canada
Mohammad Dokhanchi Islamic Governmentality –Was Foucault wrong about Iran?
Alia Elmasry The why now question: Egyptian revolution and the role of visual media (Aperture)
Amy Freier Memorial Museums And Material Witnesses: Framing Objects As Witnesses To Trauma
Colin Hastings Living Learning Space: Recognizing Public Pedagogy In A Small Town AIDS Service Organization
Raissa Killoran Curatorial Analysis: Spoken Word Performance Through The Lens Of Narratology, Narrative-Making And Auto-Ethnography
Nafisa Murji Multiplicity in Cinema: Filmic Representations of South Asian Canadian Experiences
Sarah Stanley Failure Theatre: An Artist's Statement

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Gianna Aldrovandi Screened Latinas: The Changing Stereotypes of Latinas in Modern American Television
Sara Aly “Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention”: Re-Thinking Muslim Religious Diasporic Identity
Zhi Lei The Portrayal of Vancouver's Chinatown as a Porous and Transgressive Contact Zone in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction
Cynthia Mykytyshyn “Where the Wild Things…Aren’t?”
Aida-Sofia Rivera-Sotelo Interrogating Sustainable Development: A Case Study Of Large-Scale Mining In Colombia
Fumi Sakata A Critique Of Critical Race Theory: A Textual Analysis Of The ‘Mr. Gaijin’ Mask
Erin Sutherland Terrance Houle And Adrian Stimson: Exploring Indigenous Masculinities
Victoria Millious Babes, Booby Traps and Milk Banks: Healthism and the ontology of breastfeeding