Cultural Studies Graduate Theses and Projects

All theses or projects completed by Cultural Studies students are listed below by date. Click on the title of a thesis or project to see its abstract, and to view or request to see the whole work. 

PhD Graduates

MA Graduates

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Usman Ahmed Chinese-Canadian relations: Highlighting the Unifying Past, Tense Present, and Uncertain Yet Hopeful Future (From an Insider’s Perspective)
Danae Elon The Master Plan: Power, Design and the Making of a Place.
Megan LaPierre Transposing Resonance: Towards an Embodied Poetics of Music
Rebecca Marquez A Story of Storytelling: Listening to Narratives of Belonging within the Indigenous Art Centre
Barbara Constance Matthews Wiedmaier On Care & Carcerality at the Prison for Women (P4W)
Lea Mauas A Rose in the Forgotten Paradise
Lauren Paparousis (Re)Framing Resistance: The Role of Indigenous Comic Books in the Past, Present, and Future
Isabel Whitehead Siding with the Bad Guys: Villainous Protagonists in Crime Media

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Pansee H. Abou El Atta Curating Resistance, Resisting Curation: The possibilities and limitations of objects in institutions
Jessica Burgess Why Stay: Young Independent Filmmakers in Contemporary Havana
Elena Cecchetto Visual Entrapment in Colonial Discourse: Perpetuation of New Racism through Forms of Stereotyped Bodies in Food Products Logos
Filza Naveed Examining Pakistani Identities in Non-Western Cinema in the Post 9/11 Landscape
Lorinda Peterson A Trauma of Two Mothers: How to Make Art With Marshmallow
Lisa Pietersma “A Shimmer in Depth”: Farming, Memory, and the Domestic Rural Aerial
Karen Raddon A Prisoners’ Project in Emergent Ethics

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Craig Berggold Precarious Life, Work and Culture
Paul Ebbs A Free-Agent of Embodied Subject
Adam Lewis Decolonizing Anarchism: Expanding Anarcha-Indigenism In Theory And Practice
Smita Mitra Can the Baul Speak? Development Hegemony and Baul cultural production in West Bengal
Christine Shu Wooing the Domestic Audience: Recent Trends in Contemporary Taiwan Cinema
Emily Tamfo AIDS, Citizenship & Multiculturalism: An Analysis of Canadian HIV/AIDS Media Discourses and Representations
Jennifer Turner From Swimming to Singing: Life after High Performance Sport – Exploring the Embodied Experience of a Female in Sport and Music

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Nicole Bedford What Elders Want: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Elders' Views on Interactions with their General Practitioners
Julie Bourassa Radio, What’s New? Exploring the Meaning of Web-Based Radio in Canada
Mohammad Dokhanchi Islamic Governmentality –Was Foucault wrong about Iran?
Alia Elmasry The why now question: Egyptian revolution and the role of visual media (Aperture)
Amy Freier Memorial Museums And Material Witnesses: Framing Objects As Witnesses To Trauma
Colin Hastings Living Learning Space: Recognizing Public Pedagogy In A Small Town AIDS Service Organization
Raissa Killoran Curatorial Analysis: Spoken Word Performance Through The Lens Of Narratology, Narrative-Making And Auto-Ethnography
Nafisa Murji Multiplicity in Cinema: Filmic Representations of South Asian Canadian Experiences
Sarah Stanley Failure Theatre: An Artist's Statement

Name Title of Final Project or Thesis
Gianna Aldrovandi Screened Latinas: The Changing Stereotypes of Latinas in Modern American Television
Sara Aly “Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention”: Re-Thinking Muslim Religious Diasporic Identity
Zhi Lei The Portrayal of Vancouver's Chinatown as a Porous and Transgressive Contact Zone in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction
Cynthia Mykytyshyn “Where the Wild Things…Aren’t?”
Aida-Sofia Rivera-Sotelo Interrogating Sustainable Development: A Case Study Of Large-Scale Mining In Colombia
Fumi Sakata A Critique Of Critical Race Theory: A Textual Analysis Of The ‘Mr. Gaijin’ Mask
Erin Sutherland Terrance Houle And Adrian Stimson: Exploring Indigenous Masculinities
Victoria Millious Babes, Booby Traps and Milk Banks: Healthism and the ontology of breastfeeding