On a dark evening in November, our spirits were lighted by an online reception for the fall 2021 Queen’s Cultural Studies graduates and their faculty supervisors. We are so proud of these graduates, courageous, incisive, and imaginative as they all are, and we are honoured that they chose to study and work amongst us. Here is a small window into the work and personalities of the four new Doctors of Philosophy who attended.
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Photo: Sarindar Dhaliwal, PhD, Out of Left Field, 2019
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Meet Colin Simonds, PhD'22
Interview by Lara Bulger
Edited by Laura Murray
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Cultural Studies is an emphatically interdisciplinary area of inquiry that draws from the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. It asks practitioners to understand and contend with the paths, places, and people they come from, and to position themselves towards just and imaginative futures.  

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Why Cultural Studies @ Queen’s?

Commitment to Engaged Research
Our faculty and students are out in the world, taking on intractable challenges in creative and effective ways. We are committed to antiracist and decolonial scholarship and to social justice in all its dimensions.

Flexible Research Options
MA and PhD research can take many forms: traditional thesis, Research Creation, Community-based Research, or a portfolio of varied voices and approaches.

Diverse Community
150+ faculty work with students ranging in age from their 20s to their 70s, arriving to the program from across Canada and around the world with a vast range of experience. Students and staff share in program governance.

Competitive Funding
To cover tuition and offset the cost of living, all students receive teaching and/or research placements, fellowships, awards, or paid professional development.

Meaningful Futures
Graduates find work as academics, artists, journalists, curators, and social advocates.

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