International Applicants

We regret to say that given limits on available funding, admission for international applicants is extremely competitive. We may only accept one international MA student per year, and one to two international PhD students. Please note that admission is also contingent upon having a confirmed supervisor.  

PhD students accepted into the program will be offered a minimum funding guarantee of $20,000 per year for four years ($80,000 total). International PhD tuition is the same as domestic PhD tuition but international PhD students pay extra for mandatory health insurance. Note that graduate student funding is designed to cover tuition and to help offset costs of living. It does not completely cover living expenses in Kingston. 

We are only able to offer international MA students the same funding guarantee as we offer domestic MA students: $15,000 for the first year, and the same for a second if admitted into the 2-year stream. However, please note: this amount only barely covers international MA tuition, which is double international PhD tuition. International MA students must be prepared to self-fund living and travel expenses.  

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for application to admission. Those applicants whose native languages do not include English will be required to obtain satisfactory standing in an English Language Proficiency test as part of the application process, and before final acceptance is granted.

Any applicant who has recently studied for at least one complete year at a university where English is the official language of instruction may be exempt from the English Language Proficiency test. An applicant requesting a waiver of the test for this reason should do so in writing and submit it with the application. The Director, Admissions and Student Services of the School of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the department, will make determinations in these cases.

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