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Cultural Studies is located in B176 Mackintosh-Corry Hall, in the basement. To find us, take the stairwell or elevator across from the cafeteria.

Staff are working from home and available via email 8:30-4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Carrie Miles

Carrie Miles (she/her)
Graduate and Administrative Assistant
​+1 613 533 6000 x 33432

Originally from Hamilton, Carrie completed a BSc in Psychology and Chemistry at Wilfred Laurier University. Building on jobs counting trees, counting money, and counting the neurons in Einstein’s brain, she joined Queen’s in 2010, working first in Alumni Relations, moving briefly to Smith, and landing in Cultural Studies in May 2016. She’s a soccer mom, an avid hiker, a pitiful but persistent runner, and generally a lover of the outdoors. Plans for the future include one day (soon-ish) pursuing an MA. Carrie oversees budget and student funding, TA and RA positions, and the overall administrative operations of Cultural Studies.

Contact Carrie for:

  • faculty issues: course assignments, affiliation, general support, questions about MA or PHD guidelines
  • student advising on supervisor or committee changes, withdrawal, academic accommodations, medical leave, transfer to part-time
  • TA/RA/TF assignments & issues
  • course & curriculum planning, hiring, Collective Agreement issues
  • financial requests
  • office space allotment and trouble-shooting
  • booking the lecture theatre
  • items for the newsletter

Sarah Pugh (she/her)
Interim Program Assistant
​+1 613 533 6000 x 79462


Contact Sarah for:

  • admissions and assistance with application process
  • course add/drop
  • transcript questions
  • grant, award, and scholarship applications
  • scheduling & protocols of exams & defenses
  • annual progress reports and supervisory committee forms
  • keys and requests for office space
  • website management and updates

Jeff Brison

Jeff Brison (he/him)
Co-Director, Cultural Studies
Associate Professor, Department of History

Jeff Brison is author of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Canada: American Philanthropy and the Arts and Letters in Canada, an exploration of the impact of American wealth on culture in Canada. His present work explores the role philanthropic foundations played in fostering extra-national intellectual and cultural networks of power in the north Atlantic world. A former Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of History and Deputy-Senior Editor with McGill-Queen’s University Press, Jeff is a founding member of the Queen’s-based research collective, Public Diplomacy and the Economy of Culture (PDEC). He is always eager to help students navigate their way through the Cultural Studies Program, as long as he gets to go for a good long run from time to time. 

Contact Jeff for:

  • guidance on committee composition, academic progress (PhD)
  • questions or suggestions regarding Colloquium (CUST 802/902)
  • admissions-related ideas and queries

Asha Varadharajan

Asha Varadharajan (she/her)
Co-Director, Cultural Studies, 1 Jan-30 June 2022
Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

An accidental tourist in the academy, Asha Varadharajan thrives on the exhilaration of being "out of place."  The irreverence and detachment that derive from that position have been indispensable to her survival.  Her graduate education was nurtured on a diet of Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams, and Stuart Hall; thus, her investment in Cultural Studies is as much a matter of sensibility and identity as it is of moral and political imagination.  Asha's brand of "traveling theory" has taken her from Bangalore and Delhi to Saskatoon, with memorable sojourns along the way in St. John's and Minneapolis before arriving in Kingston.  There is nothing Asha enjoys more than profound novels, trashy TV, boogeying while vacuuming, and retrochic.

Contact Asha for:

  • guidance on application to 2-year MA, academic progress (MA)
  • questions regarding MA capstone course (CUST 850)
  • curriculum-related matters

Laura Murray

Laura Murray (she/her)
Co-Director, Cultural Studies, on leave 1 Jan-30 June 2022
Professor, Department of English Language and Literature

Laura has found Cultural Studies a hugely stimulating and supportive place to develop her interdisciplinary research in areas such as copyright policy, treaty histories, and community-based history and heritage studies. See her website for information on her scholarly interests. Originally from Toronto, she has made a home in Kingston where she keeps a hand in various musical and activist projects, while making time for cycling, kayaking, and cross-country skiing.

Contact Laura for:

  • guidance on application to 2-year MA, academic progress (MA)
  • questions regarding MA capstone course (CUST 850)
  • curriculum-related matters

For all other inquiries please email:

Cultural Studies Program Office
​B176 Mackintosh-Corry Hall [campus map]
Queen's University
Kingston, ON
Canada K7L 3N6