New Hires/Appointments

Senior Search Strategy

The Senior Search Strategy was approved by Senior Management on March 24, 2014.  If you are recruiting for senior administrative positions, it is necessary for Queen's to hire search firms with demonstrated diversity and equity competencies.

Please refer to the  Senior Search Strategy (PDF 254 KB)

New Appointments/Hires

Equity Services is mandated to collect, track and report on employment equity data as it pertains to the faculty applicants. Under the Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) collective agreement, the equity data is further used to inform the Employment Equity Representative (EE Rep) during the hiring process and Equity Services in completing the annual compliance reports to the Joint Committee for the Administration of the Agreement (JCAA). Please refer to Article 24 of the QUFA CA found below:

 Article 24 on Employment Equity, QUFA Collective Agreement (PDF 911 KB)

In Fall 2017, the Principal and Vice-Principals approved the implementation of an equity hiring process for Staff recruitment and, although participation in the equity process was not mandatory in 2018, units were highly encouraged to engage in the process.  Mandatory implementation of an employment equity program for Staff began in January 2019.

The EE Rep will need to begin the process by contacting Equity Services for initial access to the application.

Training: QEAP Video Training Demo

Instruction:  QEAP User Manual (PDF 3,181 KB)

Application: QEAP Online Application

 Recruitment Practices - Step by Step (PDF 292 KB)

Posting Exempt Term Adjuncts

If you hire a term adjunct where posting is not required (under Article please complete the Posting-Exempt Term Adjunct Form.

Online Form: Posting-Exempt Term Adjuncts

Internal Department Head

Form:  Internal Department Head (PDF 28 KB)

Renewal, Tenure, Promotion and & Continuing Appointment (RTPC)

Instruction:  RTPC User Manual (PDF 3.9 MB)


Memos for Employment Equity Representatives (EE Rep)

Dates Documents
May 8, 2015  RTPC New Online Application (PDF 99 KB)
October 28, 2014  Shortlisting Section of FAD (PDF 101 KB)
January 14, 2013  New Online Application (PDF 115 KB)
March 30, 2011  New Forms for Posting-Exempt Term Adjuncts (PDF 31 KB)
July 7, 2010  Equity Training Web Application (PDF 19 KB)
January 18, 2010  New Forms Checklist (PDF 243 KB)
October 2008  Adjunct Faculty Hiring (PDF 128 KB)

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