Faith and Spiritual Life offers multi-faith, non-judgmental support for religious, spiritual, personal, and financial problems, concerns or crises. As part of Student Affairs, Faith and Spiritual Life strives to facilitate a welcoming, peaceful, and safe space. Chaplains can also provide support, ceremonial services, interfaith community development and spiritual support to students, faculty, and staff.

We are faith-positive, spirituality-positive, and queer-positive. We respect and advocate for both freedom of, and freedom from, religion. 

Student life at university is full of opportunities for personal growth both inside and outside the classroom. But there are times when students feel the need for support:

  • In times of loneliness or personal need, perhaps due to anxiety, depression or financial problems
  • In times of change, as you prepare for marriage or decide a career
  • In times of crisis, such as death, accident or serious illness

Chaplains are here to support you.

Faith and Spiritual Life at Queen’s is responsible for:

  • Journeying with students of any/every identification through questions of meaning, purpose, and morality

  • Religious Accommodation for academic requirements

  • Building and maintaining prayer and reflection spaces on campus, including the campus chapel in Theological Hall

  • Providing meaningful ceremonies for special events in the life of the campus community

  • Providing emergency food access through Swipe it Forward Queen's

  • Supporting dialogue across religious and other differences in the campus community

  • Liaising with local churches and faith communities 

  • Referrals to other support services

The images seen on the site are from pre-Covid events and day-to-day life of Faith and Spiritual Life at Queen's. They speak to the strong community that exists, and continues to exist through various digital channels.


History of Faith and Spiritual Life at Queen's

As a historical institution of Queen's University, the Office of the Chaplain was founded in 1946 by Principal Wallace.

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