French & Concurrent Education Pathways

*NEW* 1st Year
Direct Entry

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Beginning in 2024, a new Plan will enable eligible applicants to be admitted directly to the French Major degree plan, rather than having to wait until their second year as in most Arts & Science programs.


Applications for the Concurrent Education program are completed through OUAC. Candidates can also refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment for additional information: Admission Requirements | Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment

The first direct-entry intake will be in September 2024. 

Teachable Subject Requirements



Queen’s Concurrent Education is a 5-year + 1 summer term program that prepares candidates to become educators and qualify for Ontario College of Teachers certification. You will be working on two degrees at the same time – which means you will be out on the job market a year earlier than most other programs!


Students who select Primary-Junior will be placed in the Primary-Junior French as a Second Language program track in their final year.

Students who select Intermediate-Senior must have French as a Second Language as their first teaching subject. This requires a total of 30.0 units, which is the equivalent of a Minor degree plan in French. Many students choose to pursue a Major or Joint Honours degree plan in French to further enhance their immersion in French and to allow them to bring greater knowledge of the language and Francophone cultures to their future classrooms.

FREN 499

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Taught exclusively in French, FREN 499 complements existing course work in both French Studies and the Faculty of Education by allowing students to gain training in methods for teaching French as a Second Language. Students enrolled in FREN 499 will also have the opportunity to practice these skills as they lead first year French language tutorials in FREN 150 for credit. 

Because enrollment is limited to 9 students, FREN 499 provides students unique opportunities for continuous individualized feedback as well as mentorship from an experienced instructor in the department.


Priority is given to concurrent education students entering their fourth year (or students currently in their fourth year who will stay for an extra year to complete their degree). Students also need to be registered in a plan in French Studies (Major, Joint Honours, Minor).