Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion)

Dr. Teri Shearer

In her role as deputy provost (academic operations and inclusion), Dr. Teri Shearer works closely with Queen’s senior management team to advance the academic, operational, and EDII goals of the university.

Dr. Shearer joined Queen’s University in 1996 upon completion of her PhD at the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on the social and behavioural consequences of accounting practices, and her papers have appeared in some of the top journals in this field. Prior to her appointment as Deputy Provost in January 2016, Dr. Shearer served as Associate Dean of Faculty and Associate Professor at Queen’s Smith School of Business.

Dr. Shearer is available to meet with students, staff, and faculty to discuss matters of inclusivity on campus, and is interested in hearing about the experiences of Queen’s community members.

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Dr. Teri Shearer