Gender and Sexuality

Counselling Services

Student Wellness Services has a counsellor on staff with significant experience working with LGBTQ+ students and intersectional identities. Students facing challenges related to identity can meet with a Student Wellness Services counsellor for confidential guidance and support.

Gender Advocacy Centre

The Levana Gender Advocacy Centre is a student-funded organization committed to advocating for gender empowerment. Students can get involved with Levana by joining one of their working groups, working on their Feminist Lending Library and Zine Library, or by applying for funding for an event or project. Levana accepts new members and funding requests throughout the year.

Education Project

The Education on Queer Issues Project (EQuIP) is a student-run organization under the Alma Mater Society’s (AMS) Social Issues Commission. EQuIP provides a fun, welcoming, and educational community for queer and queer-positive individuals. Members of the Queen’s community can visit the EQuIP drop-in space in the JDUC or make use of resources like the lending library.

Sexual Health Resource Centre

The Sexual Health Resource Centre is a confidential, non-judgemental, feminist, queer-positive, pro-choice, sex positive and non-heterosexist information and referral service.

Principal's Action Group for Gender and Sexual Diversity

The purpose of the Principal's Action Group for Gender and Sexual Diversity is to initiate and support actions that will improve the climate for participation in the life of the University for all Queen’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or who are gender non-conforming. PAGGAS serves as a conduit for connecting ideas and proposals to the resources needed to enact them.


students promoting Pride

Queen's Pride at the Tricolour Expo. 

a rainbow flag

The Pride Flag flying over the John Deutsch University Centre in celebration of Kingston Pride!

Positive Space Program

The Positive Space Program helps facilitate the celebration of sexual and gender diversity at Queen’s in all its manifestations, such that all members of the Queen’s community are affirmed and supported. The information sessions encourage the development of positive spaces within the Queen's community and empower individuals to be agents of positive change.

Washrooms / Changerooms

Queen’s has gender neutral washrooms and change rooms across campus to ensure the university’s facilities are accessible to gender variant members of the Queen’s community. The university’s single-user gender neutral washrooms also support parents of a different gender than their children or people with disabilities that require assistance from attendants or caregivers of a different gender. Learn more about the iOS app to locate gender neutral washrooms…

Association of Queer Employees

The Queen's University Association of Queer Employees (QUAQE) is a group for LGBTQ-identified staff, faculty, and their partners. It includes both current and former employees of Queen's, as well as postdoctoral fellows. The group provides opportunities to socialize, discuss relevant issues, raise the visibility of LGBTQ issues, and address barriers for queer employees.