Intercultural Awareness

Staff, faculty, and students can enhance their cross-cultural knowledge by taking the Intercultural Awareness Certificate, offered by the Queen’s University International Centre and the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre. The certificate consists of five workshops that cover concepts of intercultural learning, the cultural self, the intercultural development continuum, and Indigenous rights and histories.


Members of the Queen's community sitting inside a classroom while participating in cross-cultural training.

Training opportunities hosted by the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) and Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre promote an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive learning environment.

Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Queen’s Aboriginal Cultural Safety Coordinator facilitates regular Aboriginal cultural safety training workshops for faculty, staff, and students. Participants of these sessions will gain a better understanding of the historical, political, and cultural issues that impact Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and understand the connection between past and current government practices and policies towards First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

Mental Health Education

Student Wellness Services offers several workshops designed to help students learn about stress management, wellness, and mental health.

Student Affairs also offers mental health education sessions designed to help students, faculty, and staff support those experiencing mental health issues. These programs aim to help individuals provide appropriate and compassionate care to students in distress, raise awareness about the impact of mental health problems, and help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Sexual Harassment

The sexual harassment online training tool provides students, staff, and faculty with skills to help prevent and respond to the types of sexual harassment situations that can occur within academic environments. The online training helps users recognize situations in which sexual harassment may be occurring, and provides useful information about rights, legal obligations, and resources.

Training for Student Leaders

The Division of Student Affairs and the Equity and Human Rights Offices deliver mandatory inclusion, diversity, and equity training for student orientation leaders and volunteers. The sessions help to ensure that student leaders understand the importance of conducting their work in a manner that celebrates the diversity of the student body and promotes inclusivity.

Writing Style Guide

Inclusive language guidelines found in Queen's Style Guide can help communicators on campus extend this spirit of inclusion into every text and publication.

Training for New Faculty and Staff

The Human Rights and Equity Offices, in partnership with Human Resources, delivers diversity and inclusion training as part of the mandatory orientation programming for new staff at Queen’s. Objectives of the training program are for participants to understand the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion, as well as what individual employees can do towards fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Inclusion and Anti-Racism Workshops

Faculty and staff can enhance their understanding of issues related to racism, gender identity, and intercultural competence through the “From the Diversity to Inclusion in the Workplace” Certificate Program or by taking one of the inclusion and anti-racism workshops. Examples of workshops include:

  • Anti-Oppression in the Workplace
  • Anti-racism 101
  • Expanding the Circle: Including Aboriginal Cultures in the Workplace
  • The Essentials of Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Workplace and Beyond
  • Building Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces

See all courses in the Human Resources Learning Catalogue.


All Queen’s employees must complete the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) training courses that apply to their role. The AODA training suite includes Accessible Customer Service, Access Forward, Human Rights 101, and Accessible Instruction for Educators.

Additional accessibility training resources, including information on how to develop accessible websites, documents, and events, can be found on the Queen’s Accessibility Hub.

Support for Educators

The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers workshops and support on all aspects of teaching. Their Upcoming Programs and Events can be found on their website. If you need one-on-one help, we have a number of Educational Developers available to consult including:

Lindsay Brant, Indigenous Pedagogies and Ways of Knowing: focusing on Indigenization and Decolonization,

Yunyi Chen, Program and Curriculum Globalization: focusing on incorporating a global perspective in your course, and

Yasmine Djerbal, Anti-Racism and Inclusion: focusing on implementing the university-wide strategic plan for inclusive teaching and collaborate with Queen's teaching community to create anti-racist and inclusive curricula, content, and learning environments.

If you are unsure who to talk to, please reach out to us at

Employment Equity

Tailored training courses are offered on a monthly basis through the Equity Office for individuals involved in faculty appointments, Renewal Tenure and Promotion Processes (RTP), and staff hiring. These training courses ensure that all members of academic and non-academic hiring committees and promotion processes have the knowledge and tools required to fully engage in employment equity practices.

Training for Senior Administrators

The Equity and Human Rights Offices offers an equity and inclusion training program for Queen’s leadership team to enhance their understanding of critical human rights issues, equity and inclusion concepts, and the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion to university administrative functions. The training schedule can be accessed on the Equity Portal.

Customized Training

The Equity and Human Rights Offices offer customized training sessions for internal and external stakeholders. Individuals interested in booking a customized training session can complete the training request form on the Equity Office website.

One Team – We are all Gaels, a community that welcomes and embraces diversity, knowing that it is not our similarities but our differences that make our culture stronger.