Faith and Spirituality


The Faith and Spiritual Life staff provide confidential spiritual counselling and ceremonial services for students, staff, and faculty from all faith communities. Chaplains with diverse backgrounds are available to discuss spiritual, religious, and personal problems.

Alternative Diets

Queen's offers services designed to help students with particular dietary requirements, including diet restrictions related to religious observances. Learn more on the Hospitality Services webpage

Faith Dates

In today's diverse and multicultural society, festivals and faith-based holidays are an important part of many people's lives. Queen's has several faith-date resources where you can learn more about important dates and faith-based human rights issues.

Multifaith Calendar

Consult Queen's Multifaith Action Society's calendar, which includes information on 14 world faiths and different systems of marking important occasions.

Queen's Multifaith Calendar

Queen's Events

Queen's Events Calendar includes a list of faith dates requiring accommodation. Use the "Faith dates" filter to view only those dates.

Queen's Events Calendar

Advisory Services

For more information on and assistance with faith dates and accommodations, consult Queen's Human Rights Advisory Services.

Human Rights Advisory Services

Faith-based Student Clubs

Queen’s has a variety of student run clubs that are dedicated to celebrating religious and cultural identities. Examples of student-run faith-based clubs include:

Search the Student Clubs Directory for more…

Because I’m Christian

Campus for Christ

Canterbury Club

Ismaili Muslim Students Association

Kingston Chinese Christian Fellowship

Korean Catholics of Queen’s

Korean Christian Fellowship

Morning Star Christian Fellowship

Queen’s Buddha’s Light Community

Queen’s Catholics

Queen’s Chinese Catholic Community

Queen’s Christian Fellowship

Queen’s Interfaith Council Relevant

Queen's University Muslim Students' Association 

Thaqalayn Muslim Association

Unitarian Universalist Club

Spaces for Reflection

Prayer / quiet reflection spaces are available across campus to allow students, faculty, and staff to take time for reflection, meditation, and prayer to empower them in their daily life.

[windows in Grant hall]