Queen's Student Experiences Survey

Survey Snapshot Report, June 2021


In August 2020, the university's senior leadership signed the Queen’s University Administration’s Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism.

A campus climate survey gathers information from Queen’s students about overall campus culture and climate, including experiences, perceptions, and behaviours with respect to diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence at the university.

Sponsored by the Declaration Implementation Team, the Queen’s Student Experiences Survey is part of a wide-ranging effort to understand and address these issues and will provide a baseline from which we can measure improvement in the coming months and years.

Our students' voices will help inform and measure the progress and effects of equity, inclusion, anti-racism and anti-violence initiatives, including the Declaration. 

All Queen’s students were invited to complete the survey between March 4 - 26, 2021. We are grateful to all students who took the time to participate and share insight and perspectives on what are challenging and deeply personal subjects – we know for many this wasn't easy.

Survey Data Snapshot

The snapshot report of the survey data confirms that equity-deserving students - including Black, racialized, non-binary, trans and Indigenous students, and students with disabilities  – have fewer positive responses to questions about belonging, inclusion, diversity, feeling safe and connected to campus, harassment, discrimination, and food and housing security. ​ 

Data also show that certain demographic identities are more likely to experience sexual harassment and sexual violence, and more likely to report that sexual violence is an issue at Queen's. 

The university is committed to responding to these experiences, perceptions and attitudes with meaningful actions, starting with: ​

  • Continued engagement with the survey's student advisory group to identify actions and to co-develop a student engagement strategy for the upcoming academic year and beyond. ​
  • Completing faculty-level and other analyses that further detail the experiences of certain demographic groups, including international students, Indigenous students, and graduate students – to ensure alignment across the university. ​

Additional funding from the Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor will support capacity-building initiatives, identified by the student advisory group and campus stakeholders, including the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Task Force, to drive more progress and change.​

A further report will be released in the fall. 

Our goal is to use insights from the survey to foster greater inclusivity and ultimately, equity for all members of our community. We can all take steps to make Queen's a more welcoming place and space for everyone. ​ 

Read the Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report is available in accessible format on request.


For more information, contact studentexperiencessurvey@queensu.ca