Laboratory of Integrative Motor Behaviour (LIMB)

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Welcome to the LIMB Lab

The Laboratory of Integrative Motor Behaviour (LIMB) is where Stephen Scott and his lab members engage in neuroscientific adventures in motor control, limb mechanics, and robotics.

  • Photo of laboratory robotic equipment.

    Handles and linkages of End Point KINARM lab.

  • Photo of lab machinery in use.

    Next generation of the robot.

  • Photo of individual standing next to lab machinery.

    Dr. Stephen H. Scott, principal investigator of the Laboratory of Integrative Motor Behaviour.

  • Photo of KINARM robotic equipment.

    Virtual reality display on KINARM workstation.

  • Photo of laboratory task diagram.

    Visualization of analyzed experimental data.

  • Photo of laboratory computer screen.

    KINARM Task program in Simulink development environment.

  • EP robot.

    Grand opening of the W J Henderson Centre for Patient Oriented Research in the Connell 4 wing of KGH.