Due to COVID-19, all studies have been suspended until further notice.

We are always keen to recruit healthy volunteers to participate in our KINARM studies. We welcome participants of all ages and stages to come and play on our robots. All studies are reviewed by the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board at Queen’s University.

    What is involved?

    As a volunteer, you come to a KINARM lab and are greeted by one of our trained operators. You will be seated in the KINARM robot and then perform a series of tasks similar to a simple video game. While you perform the task, the robot measures your movements and reactions. These measurements are recorded and saved to files on a computer. A typical session lasts between 1 and 2 hours and you will receive a small compensation for your involvement.

    How is your data used?

    Your data will be analyzed and included in a large database of healthy controls. Our goal is to increase our understanding of healthy behavior so we can then compare to others who have a disease e.g. stroke. By ‘healthy’ we mean having no neurological impairments or injuries affecting arm movement.