Communication for Students

Accessing Chat

Chat rooms are grouped as General (course) chats or Personal chats. You can only access General chats from the appropriate course. You can access Personal chats from anywhere in Learning Environment.

To access Chat:

Click Communications on the navbar, then click Chat in the dropdown.

Add a chat message

Type a message in the text box at the bottom of the chat room, and press Enter on your keyboard or click Send.

Refresh your chat window

If you think new messages are not appearing on your screen fast enough, click Refresh at the top of the chat. This option appears when you select New Messages in Settings.

See who else is chatting

The Participants pane displays a list of users currently signed in to a chat room.

The following video provides a guide for how to engage in discussions in onQ:

Accessing Discussions

Click Communications on the navbar, then click Discussions in the dropdown.

Create a thread in Discussions

  1. Click on the topic where you want to create a thread.
  2. Click Start a New Thread.
  3. Enter a Subject.
  4. Enter your Post.
  5. Set any other posting options you want. (These options may not be available, depending on the course and the topic.)
  6. Click Post.

Reply to a thread in Discussions

  1. Locate the thread you want to reply to.
  2. Click Reply to Thread to reply to the main thread post or click Reply to reply to a particular post inside the thread.
  3. Enter your reply in the HTML Editor. To include the original post’s text in your reply, click the Add original post text link. (If this option is already enabled by your course administrator, this message will not display.)
  4. Set any other options you want. (These options may not be available, depending on the course and the topic.)
  5. Click Post.

  1. Click Start a New Thread.
  2. Enter a Subject.
  3. Click the Insert Stuff icon. "Insert Stuff Icon"
  4. Click Enter Embed Code to embed objects, such as iFrames.
  5. Enter the object code in the Embed Code field and click Next.
  6. Click Insert.

The following video provides instructions on how to subscribe to discussions:

To subscribe to a discussion:

  1. On the navbar, select Discussions under the Communications tab.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • On the Discussions List page, from the context menu of the forum or topic you want to receive notifications of new posts for, click Subscribe.
    • On the View Topics page, beside the thread you want to receive notifications for, click Subscribe.
  3. In the Customize Notifications pop-up window, select your Notification Method. If you do not have an email address set up in your user profile to receive notifications, in the Customize Notifications pop-up window, click the Add an email address in a new window link. Click the Enable email notifications link, then set your email preferences in the Email Settings pop-up window. Click Save.
  4. Click Subscribe.

The following video explains how you can view and self-enrol into groups in onQ:

Users can self-enroll in groups by clicking the Choose Group link beside the name of a group category set up for self-enrollment. The link displays at the top of the user’s Groups page when self-enrollment is available.

Note: If a group is full, the Members column will display the total number of group members in red with "(Full)" beside it.

Tip: Clicking on the total listed in the Members column opens the Group Members pop-up, which contains a list of current group members. You cannot click on full groups.