GRASP​: Group Assessment of Peers and Self

What is GRASP?

GRASP is a web-based tool that supports peer review of performance in groups. GRASP can be used by students to provide formative and/or summative feedback to each other in group projects.  As a formative tool, it allows students to assess each other during the group project life-cycle, thereby allowing the student a chance to improve their performance before the final summative review.  There is also an additional option that allows students to self-assess.

Is GRASP integrated with onQ?

The link to GRASP can be added to your course from onQ but this is NOT a full integration.  The GRASP tool uses the groups in onQ to determine the group setup.

To request an account with GRASP or find out more information contact your onQ support representative in your faculty or department.

If you are an Arts and Science instructor contact:
Centre for Teaching and Learning