Building Momentum: How One WE-CAN Client Saw 3X Business Growth During a Global Pandemic

Sep 29, 2021

WE-CAN client Lisa Henderson M.A.A.T.O., CBCO is the President and Lead Designer at House of Three in Inverary, Ontario.

Health unit using Queen’s-founded staffing software for COVID-19 immunization program

Feb 24, 2021

Mesh AI, a cloud-based human resource management software for the healthcare industry, is being used to handle increased scheduling needs of pandemic response.

Examining COVID-19’s economic impact on Ontario

By Anne Craig, Communications Officer - Jun 08, 2020

New modelling tool shows a loss exceeding $40 billion across the province through May.

Looking Glass: Protecting Canadians in a Return to Community

Jun 04, 2020

Analytics to help inform decision making around the health and economic impact of COVID-19 policies