Queen's and Kinectrics partner to explore nuclear energy innovation

Aug 15, 2023

Queen’s and nuclear industry leader Kinectrics Inc. have entered a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at exploring and pursuing collaborative opportunities in research, development, education, recruitment, and training within the nuclear energy sector.

The Wings Story: 2019-2023, filling in the right-hand side of the canvas

Aug 14, 2023

After four years helping entrepreneurs find their feet, Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation says farewell to the Wings program

WE-CAN Masterminds program helping Newboro Soap Company move to next stage of business

Jul 25, 2023

After retiring pre-pandemic from a busy and stressful career, Dani Warman decided to transform her love of handmade soap making into a cottage business.

Wings program represented a chance for Lotusyn founder to learn about doing business in Canada

Jul 20, 2023

Arriving in Canada in 2022 from Vietnam where he was a successful entrepreneur with more than 24 years’ experience in technology companies, Nguyen had an exciting idea that he wanted to launch in Canada.

Cold Plasma Group solidifies partnership agreement for commercial implementation

Jul 18, 2023

Cold Plasma Group Inc. (CPG) has completed a cooperation and licensing agreement with GOC-NEXUS Europe GmbH to supply and to further scale up CPG’s plasma sterilization technology for cannabis.

WE-CAN client Anja Cahill found a way to share glamping comforts while supporting other Canadian businesses

Jul 17, 2023

After rediscovering the healing power of nature during the global pandemic, Anja Cahill, launched Glamping Essentials, a camping-inspired subscription box service based in Kingston.

Thanks to Wings, Demagel may soon be creating a new category market

Jul 12, 2023

Wings helped Demagel how to organize their ideas and learn from other participants.

QPI’s Wings program set Eric Hansen’s HealthSmart program on track

Jul 10, 2023

Wings helped Eric Hansen understand how much he didn’t know about business -- and set him on track. He’s not there yet, but thanks to Wings he knows what he needs to do.

Wings helped idea guy Jesse Purvis make things easier for others

Jul 07, 2023

Through his involvement in the legal cannabis industry, Jesse Purvis had an idea that led him to Wings.

Queen’s spinoff Dynamiris selected to receive INOVAIT funding

Jul 05, 2023

Dynamiris submitted a proposal to INOVAIT and its proposed project was one of 14 to be selected in the third round of INOVAIT’s Pilot Fund call for applications.

Wings program helped Insite Project Consulting Inc. get where they need to go

Jun 26, 2023

As a trained civil engineer and project manager, Nancy Dionne was comfortable dealing with the physical world of engineering but creating a new business didn't come as naturally.

NC-led SONAMI expands simulation and modelling with new member addition

Jun 08, 2023

New partnership expands range of facilities to eastern Ontario, brings advanced Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and multi-disciplinary design and optimization Research & Development (R&D) capabilities