Wings Accelerator

Alucia Lingerie finds valuable network connections and increased productivity through Wings program

Dec 09, 2021

Two Queen's recent engineering graduates founded their company as part of the Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative program in 2019, with the goal, “to revolutionize the bra industry with our designs.”

QPI’s Wings program answered so many questions that had been sticking points for PolitraQ

Dec 07, 2021

When an opportunity arose, Chris Moffatt Armes was able to draw on Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation to help him, particularly its Wings program.

Rapid Growth? Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation is helping Theia Markerless get ready

Nov 30, 2021

Queen's Partnerships and Innovation is helping Theia Markerless prepare for rapid growth

Nurenyx’s progress shows startups how to do it

Nov 12, 2021

Nurenyx aims to take the trial to the patient by “virtualizing most of” the research trial process.

Wings Accelerator cohort ready for take-off

Jun 04, 2021

Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) is pleased to welcome the spring 2021 cohort of companies to the Wings Accelerator program, which launched on May 17, 2021

Making the jump from academia to the market thanks to Wings

Oct 23, 2020

The Wings Accelerator program is helping Morgan Lehtinen jump the gap between academic research and commercialization.