Current Research Team

We are a team of dedicated individuals with a very high research bar. Our team includes experienced post-doctoral researchers and some of the top graduate students in Canada. We deliberately stay of manageable size (not too small, not too large), ensuring close mentorship, looking to employ only students and researchers with excellent research potential. We enjoy talking and working with both theorists and experimentalists, so we are “street-cred theorists.” Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us or collaborating on the exciting field of light-matter interactions in photonic nanostructures. Most of the graduate students hold awards such as NSERC Fellowships (e.g., CGS) and Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS).

Stephen Hughes

Principal Investigator/Group Leader

More on Prof. Hughes

Sofia Arranz Regidor

PhD Candidate

Chelsea Carlson (Recently GRADUATED)

PhD Candidate

Gavin Crowder

PhD Candidate
(co-supervised with Lora Ramunno at U Ottawa, and Dan Dalacu at NRC)

Will Salmon (Recently GRADUATED)

MSc Candidate

Yi-Ming Chang

MSc Candidate

Matthew Filipovich (Recently GRADUATED)

MASc Candidate
(MITACS Internship; main supervisor: Bhavin Shastri)

Antonia Neill (Toni)

MSc Candidate (photo coming soon)

Sebastian Franke

Post-Doc and Scientific Collaborator

Juanjuan Ren


Becca Van Drunen

Accelerate Masters

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Kamran Akbari

Post-Doc  (Photo coming soon)