In the Hughes Group: Theoretical Quantum and Nanophotonics, there are always many interesting research to explore.

Selected Research Interests

 Light-matter interactions in optics and nanophotonics
 Methods in open system quantum optics (including polaron master equations, quantum trajectories, matrix product states, coherent feedback)
 Theory of single and entangled photon pair emitters using quantum dots systems
  Quantum optics in semiconductor nanostructures and waveguides
 Electron-phonon scattering in semiconductor cavity-QED
 Quasinormal modes for classical and quantum optics (dissipative mode theories)
 Classical and quantum optomechanics
 Theory of disorder on light scattering in nanostructures
  Computational nanophotonics and high-performance computing
 Classical and quantum optical properties of metals and metamaterials (quantum plasmonics)
  Topological photonics
  Inverse design techniques
  Ultra strong coupling regimes in quantum optics
  Waveguide QED
  And more!