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Faculties and Departments



Arts & Science

As an Arts and Science student, you benefit from the opportunity to choose from a variety of study options and to develop transdisciplinary skills that are highly valued by employers. In Arts and Science, you can customize your degree to go after your goals and career choices. 

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Concurrent Education (Con.Ed.)

Popularly known as Con.Ed., Concurrent Education is a program for high school graduates with a passion for teaching and learning. From your very first day at Queen’s, you will work on two degrees: one in Arts, Science, Music, or Fine Art (Visual Art), the other a Queen’s Bachelor of Education.

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Smith Engineering

Let your curiosity create solutions for a better world, in your program of choice! Students entering the Smith Engineering Common First Year program explore all areas of engineering, with a guarantee that you can choose your engineering specialty when you move into second-year. 

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Health Sciences & Nursing

The Bachelor of Health Sciences program has been custom-built to expose students to both the biomedical and the social sciences perspectives of human health and uses a competency-based framework to prepare students for professional schools and careers in health-focused fields. 

The Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc) program is designed to set graduates up for success; Queen's BNSc learners have the highest average NCLEX pass rate in Ontario. A 97.4% pass rate for first-time writers, compared to the first-time Ontario pass rate of 84% and the national pass rate of 82.7%.

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Smith School of Business

For a career in business, you want the best start possible. The Commerce program at Queen’sSmith School of Business will provide you with a deep understanding of business strategies and concepts, and foster your unique capacity for leadership, collaboration and communication. 

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Queen's Athletics & Recreation

Queen's Athletics & Recreation offers students, staff, faculty and the Kingston community more than 130,000 opportunities for physical activity, health and wellness per year. More than 1,200 student-athletes proudly wear Tricolour in varsity sports ranging from basketball to water polo, and Gaels are perennial contenders for league and national championships. 

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Queen's Residences

We are excited for you to begin your undergraduate degree program at Queen’s, and to provide you with an opportunity to meet and make friends with students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, to develop new personal and social interests, and to receive support for academic goals, health and well-being while living in residence.  

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Queen’s Student Affairs

Queen’s student affairs offers a holistic student experience that starts before you arrive on campus and continues through to graduation. We have a strong and diverse team of staff and senior students who are ready to support you in developing academic, personal, and wellbeing skills to help you thrive during your time at Queen’s and beyond. 

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