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Crystalline Acid

This photo taken with scanning electron microscopy depicts an extremely small yet precise volume (i.e., nanolitre-sized) of crystallized decanoic acid. We are using these spots of crystalline acid to extract and preconcentrate, or soak-up, chemicals of concern like opioids from wastewater samples. This preconcentration step improves our ability to monitor these chemicals. By doing so, we can improve how we detect these harmful compounds and protect local watersheds.
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
[Photo of crystallized decanoic acid by Dan Reddy]
PhD student/candidate
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Chemistry
School of Graduate Studies
Fundamental Principles of Nature: from Discovery to Application and Innovation
Ecology, Biodiversity and the Natural Environment
Sustainability, Environment and Resources
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Chernoff Hall, Queen's University
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Dan Reddy
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PhD Student, Chemistry