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[Art of Research photo by Hannah Dies]

Student Research

Student Researchers

Student Researchers

Research is a fundamental component of the student experience, and Queen’s is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, at all academic levels, to participate in the research process. Students engaged in research and innovation grow through experiential learning, exposure to state-of-the-art research facilities, opportunities to launch entrepreneurial ventures based on discoveries made at Queen’s and engagement with government, business, and community leaders through unique programs.

The exceptional pool of students and post-doctoral fellows at Queen’s represents an unrivaled talent base that has broad impact. Some of the nationally recognized achievements of Queen's student researchers and post-doctoral fellows since 2010 include holding 29 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, 5 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships, and 7 Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowships.

Christine Moon

Student Spotlight: Ending Well - Meet Christine Moon

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar, MD/PhD Student in Kinesiology

Jackson Pind

Student Spotlight: Learning about Day Schools - Meet Jackson Pind

PhD Student in Education

Stephanie Kelley

Student Spotlight: Artificial and Ethical - Meet Stephanie Kelley

PhD Student in Management

Matthew Kan

Student Spotlight: Don't Read This Profile - Meet Matthew Kan

PhD Student in Psychology

Christiana Okyere

Student Spotlight: Rehabilitating Education - Meet Christiana Asantewaa Okyere

PhD Student in Rehabilitation Science

Michael Wood

Student Spotlight: A Breath of Fresh Air - Meet Michael Wood

PhD Student in Neuroscience

Ekaterina Antsygina

Student Spotlight: Deep Knowledge - Meet Ekaterina Antsygina

PhD Student in Law

Taha Azad

Student Spotlight: Seek and Destroy - Meet Taha Azad

PhD Student in Biomedical and Molecular Science

Lauren Welte

Student Spotlight: Keeping on her Toes - Meet Lauren Welte

PhD Student in Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Korey Pasch

Student Spotlight: Investing in Yourself - Meet Korey Pasch

PhD Student in Political Studies

Heena Mistry

Student Spotlight: Coming to Kingston for a Global Perspective - Meet Heena Mistry

PhD Student in History

Hannah Dies

Student Spotlight: Small Scale Achievements - Meet Hannah Dies

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar, MD/PhD Student in Chemical Engineering

Allen Champagne

Student Spotlight: Make an Impact - Meet Allen Champagne

MD/PhD Student in Neuroscience

Kuukuwa Andam

Student Spotlight: Building Community Online - Meet Kuukuwa Andam

PhD Student in Law

Jordyn Hrenyk

Student Spotlight: Traditional Work - Meet Jordyn Hrenyk

MSc Student in Management

Graduate and Post-Doctoral Research

Much of the vibrant research conducted at Queen’s depends on robust, productive, and flourishing research collaborations between world-class faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

Graduate research at Queen’s helps students acquire refined and distinctive skills for employment in industry and academia. Queen’s graduate students and post-doctoral fellows perform crucial roles in advancing research discoveries in all fields with wide-ranging impact. See the School of Graduate Studies for more information on programs.

Queen’s is proud to support graduate students and post-doctoral fellows by providing:

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Undergraduate Research

Queen’s is committed to fostering opportunities for undergraduate research. Research experience at this level provides a foundation for students to acquire industry-ready skills and prepare for further education.

Students showing their work

Curricular Opportunities

  • Thesis/Independent Study: Consult individual departments about a potential thesis or independent study project during the final year
  • Major Map: Consult the Career Services resource for research opportunities unique to specific majors and/or disciplines
  • Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowship: Funding for projects at Queen’s Kingston campus and the Bader International Study Centre Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England
  • Internships & Field Studies: Develop professional and academic skills with the Queen’s University Internship Program or on-site field research opportunities

A New Light

Robert Cichocki
Tired of seeing roads being dug up to replace aging pipe infrastructure? Civil engineering research at Queen’s is bringing a new light to innovative, no-dig rehabilitation techniques. In this image, a UV light train is being prepared to help rehabilitate the adjacent corrugated steel pipe. The inside of the pipe has been lined with a fabric fibreglass tube embedded with UV cure resin. When the light train passes through the tube, the UV cures the resin solid and transforms the fabric tube into a solid liner. The new liner and pipe will further undergo buried experiments that will bring new insight into the structural behaviour of these systems.
Location of photograph:
GeoEngineering lab, Queen's University
PhD Student, Civil Engineering
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One of the top universities in Canada, Queen’s has a long history of discovery and innovation that has shaped our knowledge and addressed some of the world’s most pressing questions.
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One of the top universities in Canada, Queen’s has a long history of discovery and innovation that has shaped our knowledge and addressed some of the world’s most pressing questions.
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