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A Glance in the Brain

The primate brain is highly specialized, allowing us an incredible range of experiences. This microscopic photo captures cells within a brain region, the hippocampus, involved with learning and memory. Every lived experience that we are able to remember has boosted the formation of new connections in our brains. These connections are affected in diseases that impair memory, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Here, we can observe cells involved with the brain inflammatory response. These cells are upregulated in the brains of AD patients. This technique allows us to better understand how our brains work and how they are altered by diseases.
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Arts and Science
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Invisible discoveries
[A microscopic photo of cells within a brain region]
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Faculty of Arts and Science
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Health, Wellness and the Determinants of Human Health
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Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS)
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Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Queen's University
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Natalia de Menezes Lyra e Silva
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Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Neuroscience Studies