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Across the animal kingdom, mothers must raise offspring in the face of significant challenges, including limited resources, predation, and disease. A staggering 90% of the red-winged blackbird population of QUBS carries a chronic infection of avian malaria, but the effects of this disease on mothers and their offspring is not well understood. An innovative pilot study by Dr. Bonier’s lab medicated wild moms with antimalarial medication and raised their young in captivity, to elucidate the nature of maternal infection status on offspring fitness. Here, an exhausted hatchling takes a well-deserved rest after successfully breaking free of its egg.
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Undergraduate student
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Arts and Science
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Out in the field
A recently hatched bird
Undergraduate student
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Department of Biology
Ecology, Biodiversity and the Natural Environment
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Biosciences Complex, Queen's University
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Zoe Walter
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Undergraduate Student, Biology