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Research-Creation is?

14 steps to research-creation: 1. Create proposal/draft ideas 2. Read, research, write, and sketch 3. Apply for funding 4. Produce, fail, produce some more, make more mistakes, produce 5. Question your work’s value entirely 6. My creative research is important because… 7. Find confidence in the importance and value of your research and creative practice 8. Produce more 9. Thank your colleagues for their input, support, and for moving heavy objects with you 10. Install and exhibit 11. Write and reflect 12. Share with communities, friends, colleagues, and pets 13. Document/photograph exhibition for future inspiration 14. Create proposal/ draft ideas
Submission Year: 
Photographer's affiliation: 
Graduate student
Academic areas: 
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Art of Research categories: 
Art in action
Neon light sculpture
PhD student/candidate
School of Graduate Studies
Mobilizing Creativity and Enabling Cultures
Creative Production and Expression
Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC)
Location of photograph: 
Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Queen's University
Photographer's name: 
Stéfy McKnight
Display Photographers Affiltion + Faculty or Department: 
PhD Student, Cultural Studies