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Salt Cavern Luminescence

In this photo, summer student Katy is LiDAR scanning an underground salt cavern at 975 feet depth. The laser scans create an accurate and highly detailed 3D model of the surface of the object being scanned. Scans taken before and after a blast are compared to evaluate the volume of material removed, the blast induced fracture pattern, and the extent of influence of each blast. Comparing change detection data, and the detailed fracture pattern from different experiments, permits us to improve blasting. This is a collaborative project with the full support of Morton Salt for Master's candidate Jonathan Aubertin.
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Arts and Science
Salt Cavern Luminescence
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Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Sustainability, Environment and Resources
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Ojibway Mine, Windsor Salt, Windsor, Ontario
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D. Jean Hutchinson
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Faculty, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering