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In Search of Byzantium

As an educational historian, my search for Byzantium (330-1453) led me to the remote monastic communities of Mount Athos. Since the 9th century, 20 Orthodox Christian communities have developed and currently reside there. These monasteries have preserved libraries, with holdings between 15,000 and 60,000 monographs. While access to Athos is highly restricted, typically to four days, I spent 12 days here working in five monastic libraries. I held and photographed several dozen texts that were otherwise ‘lost to the world’, and I lived the monastic life throughout my time spent there. Here is the monastery of Simonopetra. The library is in the lower level, near the promontory’s edge.
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Arts and Science
In Search of Byzantium
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Faculty of Arts and Science
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Simonopetra Monastery, Mount Athos
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Theodore Christou
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Faculty, Faculty of Education (Cross-Appointment, History)