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A Sensing Micro-Christmas Tree

My research is focused on using electric fields to assemble nanoparticles into micro-sized structures to enhance detection through surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. In the image shown, silver nanoparticles have been assembled into a Christmas tree like structure. The structure offers greater than a million times enhancement of the original Raman signal and can be used to detect analytes such as bacteria, illicit drugs, and proteins as parts per billion concentrations. The assembly process occurs in minutes and requires little training to perform. The process is inexpensive and a patent for the process has recently been filed on this revolutionary technique.
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Graduate student
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Smith Engineering
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Health Sciences
Silver nanoparticles assembled into a Christmas tree like structure
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Smith Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
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Queen’s University's Facility for Isotope Research-ESEM
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Hannah Dies
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PhD/MD Student, Chemical Engineering