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Shattered Planet

The impact of human activity on our planet is often difficult to see in the moment, and requires a long-term, overlooking, view. This photo is a drone panorama of my field site on the Rideau Canal System, where I investigate the impact of human activity on aquatic ecosystems, particularly the development of toxic algal blooms. Activities such as fishing, property development and farming have fragmented and altered this ecosystem, and we need a holistic, broader view to piece together how we can protect our delicate, beautiful, world.
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Graduate student
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Arts and Science
Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
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Out in the field
[Photograph using a fish eye lens of Milburn Bay, Dog Lake]
Grad student
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Biology
School of Graduate Studies
Sustainability, Environment and Resources
Protecting the Natural Environment
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Milburn Bay, Dog Lake, South Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada
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Allen Tian
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Graduate Student, Biology