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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning at Queen's University

Queen’s University has developed a number of strategic plans and other documents that help define the university’s priorities and guide its decision-making.

These plans work collectively to advance the university’s vision as Canada’s research-intensive university that delivers a transformative student learning experience.

In particular, the Strategic Framework serves as a capstone to Queen’s strategic planning exercises over the past few years, by identifying the four key strategic drivers that will advance the university’s mission to 2019.

Plan Approved By Release Date
The Strategic Framework Board of Trustees 2014 March
The Strategic Mandate Agreement Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development 2017 April
The Academic Plan University Senate 2011 November
The Strategic Research Plan University Senate 2012 May
The Library and Archives Master Plan Board of Trustees 2013 December
Teaching and Learning Action Plan Administration and Operations 2014 February
The Campus Master Plan Board of Trustees 2014 March
Enrolment Planning University Senate 2014 March
Digital Planning    
Faculty and Other Campus-Wide Plans