Strathy Student Research Grants

The Strathy Language Unit provides research grants for undergraduate and graduate students at Queen?s University undertaking research related to the Canadian English language. These grants are intended to cover travel expenses for fieldwork (for example, to undertake linguistic data collection in a Canadian community) or to access resources at an institution other than Queen?s University (for example, to view archival materials at a Canadian library). Applicants may be from any discipline and may approach the topic from any theoretical perspective, but the research must focus on some aspect of the structure or usage of the Canadian English language.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please fill out the preliminary application form and submit it to Strathy Director Anastasia Riehl at If we determine that your project is eligible for the competition, we will contact you and ask you to submit a formal application including a detailed budget and attention to ethics issues (if relevant). There are no application deadlines, and applications and inquiries are welcome at any time. If you are considering undertaking a Canadian English research project but are still in the early stages of planning, you are welcome to meet with us to discuss your ideas before submitting an application.

Strathy Student Research Grants may be awarded for up to $750 dollars and will be applied to travel-related expenses (i.e. transportation, lodging). The unit anticipates offering one grant each year, as funds are available. If your research involves human subjects, you will be required to obtain ethics approval through the Office of Research Services before receiving a grant. Awardees must agree to write a brief description of their research to post on the Strathy Language Unit's website.

Preliminary application (doc)

Preliminary application (pdf)