Off-Campus Student Living Guide

Building Community Together

As Queen's Students, you are part of the broader Kingston community. 

Whether you are living off-campus for the first time or back for another year, this guide is intended to provide support as you navigate neighbourhood relations, City of Kingston regulations, tenant rights, living with housemates, and much more.  

We are here to help as you connect, learn, and grow within the community.  

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First Week Priorities

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Tenant Housing Tips

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Kingston Bylaw Info

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Property Standards

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Maintenance & Parking

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Off-Campus Safety

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Waste Management

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Utilities Kingston

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Explore Kingston

Learn more about the beautiful city you live in and how you can learn more about the Kingston community!

Living at home and Commuting

Click here to read all about living at home and commuting to campus!

Moving in and out

Click here to learn tips for making moving go as smoothly as possible!

SCR Student Ambassador


"To me, community means having a space where I feel safe and comfortable and I’m able to both help and ask for help from my neighbours when needed.” 

“Community is a place where individuals can feel a sense of belonging and connection, where people come together to solve problems, celebrate accomplishments and create positive change..."

SCR Student Ambassador
SCR Student Ambassador

"Community is where I can build relationships, learn from others, and make a difference.”