Finances & Budgeting

Looking to fund your club? There are a number of grants and funds available to student ratified clubs from Student Affairs and the Alma Mater Society. Check out the Clubs Manual 2023 - 2024 finance section that provides an extensive overview of the various streams of funding available for AMS ratified clubs, such as Student Activity Fees, fundraising, etc. 

As well, the Guide: Club Finances goes over details, tips, and more on all things finances for clubs, with links to all relevant training videos, toolkits, and infographics at the end of the Guide. Find all these and more in the Club Commission Training Series, found in the "Training" section. 

Guide: Club Finances

Student Affairs Funds and Grants

Provides year-round funding opportunities for student-led activities and events that enhance the student experience and enrich the university community. All SIF-funded projects support an inclusive campus, intercultural awareness, community-building, personal and community development, leadership, and citizenship.

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Provides funding opportunities for initiatives that allow student clubs or teams to welcome and support new members in ways that cultivate a sense of belonging and pride, and build positive, respectful and inclusive club/team dynamics. This Fund supports university-sanctioned student clubs (AMS, SGPS, A&R), involving registered students, in organizing activities that enhance the inclusion/introduction of new members into the club's programming that do not rely on rituals or rites of passage.

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Provides financial support to host programs, events, initiatives, or projects that serve to promote a more inter-culturally informed, tolerant, and inclusive campus community. Established by a $50,000 annual contribution from the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), the fund is available to any Queen’s student or employee. Successful applicants are responsible for all aspects of the project, initiative, or event.

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AMS Grants and Funds

The Alma Mater Society offers a variety of Clubs Grants & Bursaries to support student initiatives. Whether you’re starting a new club or seeking funding for an existing club, the AMS is here to support students in all aspects.

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Improve and promote sustainability at Queen’s by providing funding to events and initiatives, such as conferences, a greenhouse, a residence composting imitative, and a secure bike storage facility. This is an excellent opportunity to fund undergraduate projects focused on different aspects of sustainability. 

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The AMS is committed to improving financial accessibility through grants such as Accessibility Queens, the Isabel Bader Centre, Equity initiatives, or Black History Month.

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AMS ratified clubs looking for sponsorship opportunities can reach out to the Sponsorship & Special Projects AM. They can provide guidance and assistance in finding sponsored deals for your club and events.

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Club Financial Activities

There are a number of resources and key contacts to support club leaders in budgeting, reporting, and transacting for initiatives, events, operations and member appreciation.

Budgeting is a powerful tool for financial management, enabling individuals/organizations to make informed decisions, manage resources effectively, and work toward achieving financial objectives. Contact Dreyden George at to receive support in completing your club budget.

Use the Guide: Club Finances to create a budget process and connect you to templates and videos.



Bank accounts allow student clubs to safely store and manage their money. AMS supports student ratified clubs in transferring authority year-to-year, opening a new bank account and the associated paperwork. More information can be found through the quclubs Linktree.

Learn more in the Clubs Commission Training Series found in the training section with videos and guides.



Fiscal responsibility ensures clubs are eligible, compliant, and efficient in their financial planning, support, and reporting activities. The commission offers the Guide: Club Finances in the Club Commission Training Series in the training section, which covers Fiscal Responsibility. As well, the commission provides templates of a Club Ledger and Reimbursement Form Template to assist clubs in completing their due diligence for being accounted. Irresponsible financial accountability can result in ineligibility for grants, programs, or Student Activity Fees, and hinder partnerships with potential or current partners. It is crucial to keep the necessary financial tracking and documents in order to keep the clubs financial standing and state.

Club Ledger Template                                                                                                      Club Reimbursement Template

Did you know? AMS ratified clubs can receive special rates at select AMS services, including the P&CC, StudioQ, SLC, and Common Ground Coffeehouse!