Team-Building Activity Fund

The Team-Building Activity Fund (TBAF) provides funding for initiatives for university-sanctioned student clubs and teams (AMS, SGPS, A&R) to welcome and support new members through safe and inclusive activities that cultivate a sense of belonging and pride, and build positive, respectful, and inclusive club/team dynamics.  

A portion of the funded activity must be dedicated to a discussion/presentation on how to build and maintain a culture of mutual respect and inclusion. See application criteria for more details.  

Applications for the Team-Building Activity Fund will open on July 1, 2024. The application deadline for the 2024-25 academic year is November 1, 2024.  

  • Applicants must be members of an AMS, SGPS, or A&R sanctioned student club/team.  
  • The project must involve a discussion/presentation/activity that focuses on how members, and the group as a whole, will build and maintain a culture of mutual respect and inclusion, and the positive behavioural standards that are expected by every member. 
  • An event or activity that simply brings club/group members together and does not include specific initiatives that speak to and foster respect and inclusion among new and returning members, will not be funded. 
  • Only one application per club, per academic year will be considered. 
  • The event or program must occur at, or close to, the onset of the club’s annual activity schedule. 
  • The activity must involve a significant majority of team/club members, including new members.   
  • The project must be non-profit. 

A maximum of $1,500 will be awarded to an event or activity. 

The following factors will determine funding decisions and amounts:  

  • the nature of the activity 
  • the availability of funds, and the total amount of requests received, over the fiscal year 
  • The alignment of the project, activity or event with the stated goals of the fund 
    • The contribution of the project to building and supporting a positive and inclusive club/team culture 
    • The potential impact of the proposed project, activity or program 

Funding decisions will be determined by a committee consisting of two representatives from Student Affairs, a representative from the Office of the Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity, and Inclusion), a representative from the Human Rights & Equity Office, and a student representative. Decisions not to fund a project will be explained in writing. A committee member would be pleased to meet with an applicant to discuss the proposal and provide advice to inform future proposals.  Decisions of the Committee are final. 

  • Speaker or trainer fees 
  • Admission and activity fees   
  • Food and beverages (no alcohol) 
  • Technology or streaming-related expenses - Please note that Queen's has institutional licenses for online event platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom (with capacity for up to 300 attendees, etc.) These are free to students and should be used whenever possible. 
  • Other eligible activity expenses 

  • Events or initiatives that have the effect of marginalizing, discriminating, harassing, and/or excluding any identifiable group of persons 
  • Events at private residences   
  • Activities which pose inappropriate risk to participants  
  • Purchase of equipment 
  • Alcohol 
  • Purchase of routine entertainment expenses 
  • Expenses related to the club’s normally-scheduled activities 

  1. Expenses for any group travel to activities or events off-campus must comply, and be in accordance with, Queen’s University Travel Policy, and any other relevant policy. 
  2. Clubs, teams, or groups must be in good standing with their sanctioning body (AMS, SGPS, A&R). 
  3. Applications submitted by staff or faculty members will not be considered; however, staff, faculty, and/or community members may be members of the event/project/activity planning/organizing group. 
  4. Applications will not be accepted for projects, activities, or events submitted after the event has taken place. 
  5. Successful applications (including project title) may be identified on Student Affairs’ websites, in reports, or social media. Queen’s Student Affairs should be listed as a contributing funder in any digital or print material where funders are recognized. 

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the Student Affairs Funding Budget form and save to your computer as an Excel file.
  2. Club Status Form: Get signed confirmation of your club status and standing from your sanctioning body - AMS, SGPS, or Athletics & Recreation. Save the file to your computer as a PDF file.
  3. Fill out the online Student Affairs Funding Application form and attach the files from Steps 1-3 in the applicable sections and submit.
  4. Only completed applications will be reviewed.   

Reporting Requirements:

  1. Successful applicants must complete a TBAF Report Form and submit a final budget (please update the budget document you submitted with your application) within 30 business days of the completion of the activity
  2. Please email both documents to as soon as possible following your event! Failure to submit a report will disqualify future applications until report is received.
  3. Please keep copies of all receipts that pertain to the funding provided by Student Affairs; they may be requested for audit purposes.

If you have any questions, please email 

Other funds for student-led events/activities: Principal's Student Initiative Fund, the AMS Clubs Grants and Bursaries, the Inclusive Community Fund, Faculty of Arts and Science Funds.