Club Leader Training

Explore below for training workshops, online videos and tools, and other resources from both AMS Clubs Commission and the Student Experience Office to help support your journey as a Club Leader.


Clubs Commission Training Series

Find all formats of reference materials for your team or incoming team leaders for training on clubs commission processes, club benefits provided through us, maintaining ratification, and more. This is the second phase/extension to the release of the Clubs Manual. If you are looking for support to use the resources, you can reach out to the Assistant Commission at or Student Experience Office at

Club Guides and Toolkits

Club Guides and Toolkits are the first part of the Training Series. These are thorough and handy documents covering all things clubs need to operate in three categories. The first category, Finances, is available now. Check back soon for the other two categories to be released!

The commission has standardized templates for clubs as required for clubs to use or refer to outlined in Clubs Policy. Make sure to check the Record Keeping tab for the Documentation Checklist to ensure the club is up to date on its filing and documents.

Guide: Club Finances

Toolkit: Grants, Sponsorships, and Fundraising

Annual Budget Template

Club Ledger Template

Club Reimbursement Sheet Template

Bounce is a campus events and social platform that has reimagined how student groups safely get together and create experiences. Bounce features a frictionless three-click method to easily coordinate and RSVP for events, while enabling hosts to manage events on behalf of an individual, or an organization. Bounce offers free solutions for each stage of an event's lifetime (pre, during and post) to generate consistent reuse, engagement, and event host loyalty.

Bounce Summary

Clubs How To: Bounce Platform

Bounce Tips, Tricks, and FAQ

Terms and Conditions

Privacy, Data Collection, and Terms

Banking, Pricing, and Payments

This guide is a great resource for club leaders, executives, and members. It is recommended to go through this guide during transition and to ensure your club is following the necessary steps to ensure to complete a fair and comprehendible transition process while also taking advantage of the many resources ratified clubs have to gain.

Guide: Club Teams

The commission has several templates to provide on hand reference documents to download and use for all steps of the hiring/transition process. Further, can utilize these for project tracking and ensuring the clubs team is on track for its tasks.

Hiring Package Template

Interview Template

Position Transition Manual Template

Club Training Tracker Template

Club Project Transition Manual Template

Club Training Videos and Infographics

Club Training Videos and Infographics are a part of the Club Training Series! They cover a variety of topics in a short form and insightful infographic that guides you through the processes and details/tips on the respective topic.

SEO Led Training

Are you a club leader looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? You can engage in a multitude of learning to become the best support system for your team and create unforgettable, safe events. The SEO hosts Leadership Development Certificate Programs and can direct you to further training by the HREO to empower you with the tools and confidence needed to lead your club.

Leadership Workshop Series

The Student Experience Office’s Leadership Workshop Series is a set of workshops designed to broader participant’s perspectives on leadership, have them develop and practice key leadership skills, and provide opportunities for students to connect with like-minded peers in the Queen’s community. 

Attend 4 workshops throughout the year and receive a signed Leadership Skills Certificate from the Student Experience Office!  

Upcoming Workshops

ACT Certificate

ACT provides education on contributing to safer, more diverse and inclusive spaces. Upon completing all four learning opportunities, you will receive an official certificate and badge to share on your LinkedIn.

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GBV & Bystander Intervention

A partnership between Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Service (SVPRS), the Student Experience Office (SEO), and the Bystander Intervention Certificate Program offers students a collection of workshops to choose from and build their awareness and skills in relation to GBV prevention and Bystander Intervention.

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Explore the additional training opportunities offered by various departments within Student Affairs! Many of these programs are focused on fostering knowledge and awareness in Indigenization, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Anti-Racism (I-EDIAA) principles. Encouraging members of your club to engage in these trainings can promote social awareness and create lasting impact, both on their personal growth and the club's overall success.


Complete the Intercultural Awareness Certificate

Intercultural training offered by the Queen's University International Centre aims to encourage you to consider the influence of culture on your perspectives and interactions, and to better equip you to understand and appreciate cultural points of view besides your own. Participate in a five-part series of workshops to earn your certificate.

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Office of Indigenous Initiatives

If you have a specific training topic in mind, the OII would be happy to work with you on developing a workshop or training session.

They have a plethora of diverse resources to build your awareness in Ways of Knowing, decolonizing and indigenizing. 


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Human Rights and Equity Office

The Human Rights and Equity Office provides education in the areas of human rights, equity, accessibility and sexual violence prevention and response. Our educational programs build community awareness, increase knowledge and address systemic barriers to inclusion.

You can use their training catalogue to search by topic, audience (Student, Staff, Faculty, Senior) or delivery mode. They also have a wide array of resources that outsource to more education.

They can offer a number of in-person training sessions for both internal and external collaborators. If you are interested in booking a training session, you can complete the form: Training Request

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Student Wellness

Student Wellness offers a number of student-only, training workshops. These aim to provide participants with the opportunity to learn skills to improve their health and well-being while also connecting with other students and health professionals. Some examples: 

  • Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress
  • Caring for Present & Future You 
  • How to Spot, Speak Out and Stand Up to Stigma

You can complete a training request a minimum of two weeks ahead. 

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