Leadership Workshop Series

The Leadership Workshop Series is a set of online and virtual learning experiences designed to expand a participant’s current leadership knowledge, develop new skills and connect with peers.

Begin your learning by taking the introductory online module via onQ.

Following your completion of the module continue your learning by attending three sessions and receive a certificate from the SEO.

Check-out the offerings below and click the session to enroll.

Questions? Email student.experience@queensu.ca.

Workshop Title Description

Leadership: An Introduction and Reflection

  • As the introductory learning to the Leadership Workshop Series, this three part module will have you evaluate who you are, what you value and how to live those values to be a leader in the various communities that you are a part of.  This module is required as part of the Leadership Workshop Series if you would like to receive the certificate after attending three other sessions.  It is not required before attending a session.
Workshop Title Description

Event Planning

  • Have you ever wondered what it takes to take an idea to fruition? Building a Program is for you. 
  • From applying data to creating a program that is supported through informed through varied forms of assessment to establishing a plan for execution and evaluation, this session will inform and support your growth in developing programmatic change.
  • This session works best when done in congruence with Event Planning.

Conflict Mediation

  • Conflicts will happen and how they are weathered as a team is a reflection in part of the leader knowing how to navigate conflict.
  • Following a personal reflection exercise, leaders will learn of conflict mediation methodologies and how to apply them to their team and personal life.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • This session guides leaders through the process of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Following a self-directed review of your own feedback processes, participants will delve into the processes related to giving and receiving feedback and how to lead a team.

Planning Events Online

  • This session is a great resource for leaders that are planning online events. 
  • Learn to develop outcomes for an event, identify the key considerations when planning an event online and utilize tools commonly used for online event management.

Effective Teamwork Online

  • This module is for clubs looking for ways to work effectively as a team while operating remotely. 
  • Learn about the importance of communication, support and connection within your team and gain concrete strategies for enhancing these areas while working remotely. 
  • Create an action plan for enhancing team operations and creating a sense of community within your club.

Leading Others Remotely

  • This module is for club leaders who supervise club members.
  • Gain tips for preparing, onboarding, and supervising peers remotely.
  • Utilize concrete tools and a plan to make sure that you, and the students you lead, are set up for success.