Health and Wellbeing Surveys

In February and March 2022, the university surveyed all Queen’s students to get a comprehensive picture of student health and wellbeing.  

The entire student population was randomly invited to complete one of three surveys: 

Queen’s General Research Ethics Board (GREB) approval was received for each survey, and participation was voluntary and confidential. 

2022 NCHA and CCWS Survey Results (PDF, 8.2 MB)


Results of the NCHA and CCWS surveys have been received, analyzed, and organized by the following themes: 

  • Overall health 
  • Physical health 
  • Food security 
  • Mental health 
  • Substance use health 
  • Social health, including belonging, respect and safety 
  • Awareness of health services 

Statistically significant and meaningful differences in responses among student sub-groups, including students who identify as LGBTQ2S+, students who identify as racialized, students with disabilities, first-generation students, and others, are noted.  

The pandemic, and more specifically COVID-19 restrictions that impacted the university experience, were challenging for student mental health. At the time the surveys were conducted, students were attending classes remotely. Several other Canadian post-secondary institutions also implemented the surveys on their campuses, and the results show how Queen’s compares to the Canada-wide results. Queen’s results of the 2022 surveys compared to previous surveys, are noted. 

The survey data is being used to help:

  • Identify the most common health-related issues affecting students’ academic performance and wellbeing 
  • Identify sub-groups of students experiencing particular challenges, and requiring specific supports  
  • Identify areas of strength within the campus community 
  • Engage students, staff and faculty to help improve a campus-wide culture of wellbeing in all aspects of the student experience.  

Campus community members, including the Student Mental Health Collective (an ongoing initiative of the Campus Wellness Project), units within Student Affairs, faculties, and other groups are encouraged to discuss the results and initiate further actions to promote student wellbeing.

Questions about the surveys and results, or to request a presentation on the results, can be directed to the Campus Wellness Project.

Past Surveys

NCHA 2019 results (PDF, 1729 KB)

NCHA 2016 results (PDF, 2.7 MB) 

NCHA 2013 results (PDF, 8.8MB)

Campus Climate and Culture Surveys 

As part of the university's Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism, all Queen’s students were invited to complete the Student Experiences Survey in March 2021. Students will be surveyed on campus climate and culture every two years.

The Shift Survey 2023

The most recent iteration of the survey, now called The Shift Survey, ran Jan. 23–Feb. 20, 2023. Students participated in the survey through an invitation sent to their email.

Learn more about the Shift Survey.