Queen's Shift Survey

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The Shift Survey


The campus climate student survey was first piloted in 2021, as part of a wide-ranging effort to understand and address overall campus culture and climate, including experiences, perceptions, and behaviours with respect to diversity, and inclusion at the university. 

In 2020, following a period of deep anger, sadness and self-reflection world-wide and in the Queen’s community regarding racist and intersectional institutional violence, Queen’s senior leaders released a Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism. The Declaration commits senior leadership to several actions intended to foster a climate of inclusion at Queen's including efforts to, "introduce campus climate metrics to measure campus culture, progress, and impact of anti-racism initiatives."  
The student campus climate and culture survey, previously called the Student Experiences Survey and now called the Shift Survey, co-led by Student Affairs, and the Human Rights and Equity Office, is one response to this particular action item under the declaration.  
The Shift Survey, and the broader work of the Shift Project, is aligned with institutional values and goals expressed in the Queen’s Strategy, the Campus Wellbeing Framework and the commitments made through the signing of the Scarborough Charter and the adoption of the Okanagan Charter. 

2023 Shift Survey 

Students received an invitation to participate in the Shift Survey on January 23, 2023 by email. View a copy of the Letter of Information and Consent. The survey was open until February 20, 2023. Students received reminders to participate by email.

We are grateful to all students who take time to participate and share insight and perspectives on what may be challenging and deeply personal subjects – we know for many this isn't easy. Students' voices will continue to inform and measure the progress and effects of equity, inclusion, anti-racism and anti-violence initiatives. 

Report of the 2023 Shift Survey

The university has released a report outlining what we heard. The survey’s Student Advisory Group continues to guide student engagement related to the survey results through the Shift Project student opportunities and initiatives. Together, we are committed to making our campus more welcoming and inclusive. 


Additional Survey Information

Contact queensshiftproject@queensu.ca with any questions or comments about the Shift Survey.