Champions for Mental Health

Image of people around a therapy dog - for illustration onlyProfessors, TAs and staff members play strong roles in supporting and advancing student mental health. The Champions for Mental Health program is a student-led initiative, responding to both student feedback and clear research calling for increased mental health promotion in academic and other campus environments. 

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The Champions for Mental Health project aligns with the Queen's Campus Wellbeing Framework. The framework's goal is to encourage and support an inclusive culture of wellbeing that inspires and enables all who live, learn, and work at Queen's to thrive.

Awarded Champions

Champions for Mental Health recognizes and celebrates instructors and staff members who create supportive environments where student mental health is valued and supported.

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Superstar Champions are individuals who were named Champions for Mental Health or Classroom Champions for Mental Health in more than one time period. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to supporting student mental health!