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Dr. Oyedeji Ayonrinde



Department of Psychiatry

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Dr. Deji dedicates his life to making a significant difference in the lives of those he serves. With a selfless passion and unyielding commitment, he tirelessly advocates for individuals facing disparities, helping them find the right path and grow towards a brighter future. Dr. Deji embodies the very essence of a physician‚ not just in medical expertise, but in his profound empathy and dedication to equity. His efforts go beyond treatment; they empower his patients to advocate for themselves, thereby reducing the mental health burden and fostering a healthier society.

His work has illuminated the dark corners of mental health stigma, bringing hope where there was once despair. Dr. Deji's relentless pursuit of justice and wellness for his patients makes him a beacon of hope in the challenging landscape of mental health care. He does not simply treat symptoms; he heals souls, rebuilds lives, and restores faith in the power of compassionate care. Dr. Deji cultivates hope, courage and inspiration in others. He is an example of unwavering dedication to humanity.

Anonymous Student

No one experiences 100 percent mental wellness, 100 percent of the time. As a community we are encouraged to show compassion, understanding, tolerance and kindness to our neighbours, colleagues, students and friends who may be dealing with a challenging period or specific difficult situation. Mental health involves a sense of emotion, safety, belonging and peace with resolution of distress when it occurs... it means more than a persistent state of joy or the pursuit of happiness.

Student mental health needs often coincide with multiple periods in the life of youth and young - as well as mature - adults. For example, leaving home, isolation, loneliness, demands of time, pursuit of academic excellence, exams, relationships and experimentation. As educators and faculty, it is important to be accessible and supportive of students in distress or difficulty... whether they seek help, we have concerns or observe the distress.

Privacy and discretion with a non-judgemental and non-stigmatizing approach can go a very long way. Some students with limited social or family networks, experiencing cultural and linguistic challenges or those who find themselves different to their peers may also require sensitive support.

It is an incredible privilege to support and grow with students on their journey through their wellness and university scholarship... remembering with humility that we were once students and have had our own journeys too.

--- Dr. Oyedeji Ayonrinde