Queen’s Adopts Okanagan Charter

University formally commits to embedding health and wellness in campus culture

January 9, 2019.  Queen’s has made a formal commitment to the health and wellness of students, staff and faculty by joining universities from around the world in adopting the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.

The Charter, developed in 2015 by researchers, practitioners, administrators, students and policy-makers from 45 countries representing educational institutions and health organizations, calls on post-secondary institutions to embed health and well-being in all aspects of campus culture, and to lead human and environmental wellbeing promotion action locally and globally.

“By adopting the Okanagan Charter, Queen’s is formally recognizing that excellence in teaching, learning, research and working environments is sustained by the physical and mental health of our people, and by buildings and spaces that are conducive to this goal,” says Principal Daniel Woolf. “The Okanagan Charter will help to provide structure for our recently launched Campus Wellness Project’s resulting framework, and reflects the university’s continuing commitment to promoting health and wellness among students, faculty and staff.”  (Read full Gazette article)


Queen's Okanagan Charter Commitments

Canadian Network for Health Promoting Campuses