Campus participation

Update - September 2022

The Queen's Student Mental Health Collective is a caucus of student and staff leaders who are working to advance student mental health.

The network is a forum through which members share information, collaborate, and provide input to support the development of unit or club-based initiatives, as well as university priorities and commitments, including the implementation of the National Standard of Canada for Mental-Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students, and the broader work of the Campus Wellbeing Framework, aligned with new institutional Strategic Framework.

Background to campus participation

Starting in January 2019, the project team  consulted with more than 1,800 students, staff and faculty. We met with groups of students, staff and faculty, held open houses, had one-on-one consultations and encouraged online contributions via a survey.

During the consultations, we asked the following questions:

In an effort to approach wellbeing holistically, we recognize the interactive and dynamic nature of the campus environment. When responding to these questions, please reflect on how you would respond from two perspectives; one being from your role within the University and one being as an individual working/living/or studying on campus.

  1. When thinking about a ‘health promoting campus’ as defined, what do you think Queen’s does well?

  2. Queen’s has recently adopted the Okanagan Charter, which calls upon post-secondary schools to embed health into all aspects of campus culture and to lead health promotion action and collaboration.

    1. When we’ve achieved this vision, what will you see on campus?

    2. What one idea do you think would have the most impact on moving towards or achieving this vision?

    3. What challenges will we have overcome? What are the barriers or obstacles we currently face as a campus in achieving that vision?

  3. Physical and mental health are important to personal well-being, academic success, productive and engaged workplaces, and a strong sense of community. As you go about your day on campus, you interact with students, staff and faculty.

    1. What nurtures the growth and wellbeing of those you interact with?

    2. What keeps you feeling productive and engaged?

  4. How do we create transformational teaching, learning and working environments that enable and inspire students, faculty and staff to become healthy and engaged citizens and leaders?

Responses to this questions were reviewed by the project team, the Campus Wellness Council and the Provost's Advisory Committee on Wellness, leading to the development of the Campus Wellbeing Framework.