Provost’s Advisory Committee on Wellness

Terms of Reference

Queen's University is committed to fostering a culture of wellbeing for all who live, learn, and work on our campuses. The university is undertaking an initiative to develop a campus-wide wellness framework. The Campus Wellness Project is in alignment with, and inspired by, Queen’s Strategic Framework and the spirit of diversity, inclusivity, and positive change.

The Campus Wellness Project will follow a community-wide approach to engagement, leading to the design of a wellbeing framework that provides structure to align and inspire thinking about campus health and wellbeing when considering actions, processes, policies, and programming. This project builds on the work of the student-focused Principal’s Commission on Mental Health and the implementation work of the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Mental Health, with an expanded audience lens and multi-dimensional wellness scope. It aligns with global initiatives including the Okanagan Charter, and will integrate best practices from peer institutions that have undertaken large scale wellness initiatives.

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Wellness, Co-Chaired by Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, and Steven Millan, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources).

The committee will:

  • Provide project vision and guidance

  • Evaluate input and priorities

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration, and foster potential synergies, both internal and external to the university

  • Develop next steps regarding framework implementation 

Committee Composition

  • Co-chair: Steven Millan Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)  

  • Co-chair: Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

  • President, AMS   

  • President, Society of Graduate & Professional Students (SGPS)   

  • Chief of Staff and Legal Advisor, Office of the Principal  

  • Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion)   

  • Vice-Provost and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies   

  • Head, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Health Sciences  

  • Executive Director, Athletics & Recreation  

  • Executive Director, Student Wellness Services, Queen's University   

  • Director of Human Resources, Facilities  

  • Director, Employee Wellness Services 

  • Educational Developer, Anti-Racism and Inclusion, Centre for Teaching and Learning 

  • Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences 

  • Executive Director, Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs   

  • Director, KFL&A Public Health   

For more information please visit the Campus Wellness Project website.