Ventus Project Management Group

Queen’s is updating the university’s accommodation management solution to improve the user experience for students, staff and faculty. A project team has been developed to manage the implementation of Ventus Accommodation Management for Students and ensure a smooth transition for existing users.

The Ventus Project Management Group will:

  • Establish a timeline for the implementation of Ventus
  • Coordinate the various constituencies involved in the support and use of Ventus, including Student Accessibility Services, ITS, the Registrar’s, instructors, students, and staff
  • Report on the implementation progress of Ventus to the Provost
  • Develop a communications plan to administration, students, instructors, staff, and others
  • Coordinate the development of training materials for instructors, students, and staff involved in using Ventus
  • Assess and monitor enhancements to Ventus


What is Ventus?

Ventus is an online interface that connects students, Queen's Student Accessibility Services, instructors, and other support services in the process to request, assess, and implement academic accommodations.

Ventus helps to manage the accommodation process by providing the following capabilities:

  • Streamlines communication and organization needs for instructors and students related to academic accommodation requests;
  • Manages the documentation processes for Queen's Student Accessibility Services accommodations by allowing students to upload required documents;
  • Provides instructors with the essential information required for providing students with the appropriate academic accommodations;
  • Provides a central hub that enables students to submit their requests for academic accommodation in one place, and view details of their accommodation arrangements, such as in-class work, exams, quizzes, etc.
  • Facilitates the processing and assessment of accommodation needs by Queen's Student Accessibility Services;
  • Informs supporting services such as the Exams Office about accommodation requirements for individual students;
  • Protects the privacy of students in their requests for academic accommodation.


Community Consultation

The Ventus project team includes faculty, staff, and student representatives from across the university. The following additional consultation groups will provide input on the Ventus tool throughout the development process:

  • Instructor Feedback Group
  • Student Feedback Group, led by AMS representative

Members of the Queen’s community are also encouraged to share their feedback on the transition to Ventus via


Project Team Membership

  • Gavan Watson (Co-Chair), Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), VPTL

  • Cynthia Gibney (Co-Chair), Executive Director, Student Wellness Services

  • Daniel Schatzky, ITS

  • Alan Jeans- Manager, Queen's Student Accessibility Services

  • Andrew Leger, Interim Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning

  • Bill Nelson, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Brad Murphy, ITS

  • Jacob Marinelli, AMS (Student Representative)

  • Jeff Glassford, Director, ITS Solution Engineering

  • Peter Jeffrey, University Relations

  • Stuart McPherson, Manager, OUR Exams, Teaching Assessment and Convocation

  • Andrew Willson, Senior Communications Officer, University Relations

  • Carlyn McQueen, Communication and Project Manager, Office of the Provost

  • Shae Wessler, Student Representative

  • Kairee Kirkwood (Administrative Support), Teaching and Learning Coordinator, VPTL

  • Eddie Daniels, Communications Coordinator, Office of the Provost


Project Timeline

Phase 1, June – August 2021

  • Establishment of Ventus Project Team
  • ITS  adjusts Ventus Product for Queen’s specific environment
  • Establishment of Instructor Feedback Group
  • Roll-out draft product to Instructor Feedback Group for input

Phase 2, September – December 2021

  • ITS to ensure tool is 80% complete
  • Communications shared with the Queen's community and stakeholder outreach underway to solicit feedback.

Phase 3, January – March 2022

  • Sandbox version of the tool is rolled-out to all faculties for feedback
  • ITS to complete adjustments to the tool based on feedback

Phase 4, April – May 2022

  • Anticipated roll-out of the Ventus solution
  • Project team to monitor usage of the tool and continue to provide training