Experiential Learning Steering Committee

I. Reporting

Reports to the Provost Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning

II. Mandate

The Experiential Learning Working Group recommended that "the Provost consider appropriate mechanisms to oversee the development and growth of EL activities at Queen's such as an advisory committee structure akin to the one currently in place for QUIP."

The overall goal of this committee is to advise on and guide the implementation of the recommendations of the Experiential Learning Working Group and to facilitate communication and shared decision making to inform sustainable and strategic growth of experiential learning at Queen's. Specifically, the committee will:

  • ensure alignment among EL initiatives across the university 
  • provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practice across portfolios, including updates from Faculties, the EL Hub, and shared services on EL activities and future plans 
  • generate recommendations on strategy to be shared with the Provost 
  • communicate information back within own areas
  • inform the University Risk Register regarding EL
  • inform data collection and metrics to be used across the university  

Committee members will act as the liaison between their unit and the committee

III. Composition

Name Title
J. Atkinson Faculty of Arts and Science Dean's Representative 
L. Cameron Student at large who completed a Queen’s EL experience 
P. Chin Faculty of Education Dean's Representative
H. Cole Faculty of Law Dean's Representative

C. Elliott

Manager, Experiential Learning Hub
C. Fitzgerald Assistant Dean, Student Life and Learning, Student Affairs 
L. Flynn Faculty of Health Sciences Dean's Representative 
S. Fostaty-Young Interim Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
B. Frank Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean's Representative
L. Garnier Smith School of Business Dean's Representative
V. Lewarne AMS Representative
M. Straznicky School of Graduate Studies Dean's Representative
TBD SGPS Representative

Co-Chairs: J. Pierce, Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning); C. Keates, Director, Career Services
Support: K. Fizzell, Experiential Learning Projects Coordinator; C. Bell, Office Coordinator, Career Services