Rosen Lecture Series

Mr. Irving Rosen and Mrs. Regina Rosen (Arts 1980) have undertaken to endow a permanent lecture series in Jewish Studies at Queen's University. The purpose of the series is to enable the wider community to better understand the living and vital tradition of Judaism, its relationship to other religious traditions and its role in the development of contemporary civilizations, and to explore the historical role played by Jews and Jewish thought.

Rosen Lecture

I. Terms of Reference

Speakers in the Irving and Regina Rosen Lecture Series will be noted figures in the field of Jewish thought and tradition, who, having been recommended by the subcommittee, will be invited by the principal to come to Queen's to deliver lectures directed toward a broad audience of generally educated people.

A Rosen Lecture should be held at least annually or more frequently if resources permit. A Rosen Lecture may be postponed only due to insufficient resources or the unavailability of an appropriate speaker. No more than one year shall pass without a Rosen Lecture being delivered at Queen's. The Rosen Lecture Series Subcommittee shall report annually to the Provost’s Advisory Committee for the Promotion of the Arts upon the activities carried out during the current year and upon plans for the next year.

The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed every five years. If any modification of the Terms of Reference is recommended to the Senate, the Senate shall adhere as closely as possible to the wishes of the benefactors.

Terms of Reference approved January 1991

II. Membership Composition

Ex officio members:

  • Chair of Jewish Studies (or delegate)
  • Head of the Department of Religion (or delegate)

Elected members:

  • three faculty members (two-year term)
  • two students (two-year term)

III. Rosen Lecture Series Subcommittee: Invitation to Serve  

Please submit one electronic copy of your nomination form to

Rosen Lecture Series Subcommittee Faculty Nomination Form

Rosen Lecture Series Subcommittee Student Nomination Form

Information to help with your application

IV. Rosen Lecture Series: Invitation to Nominate 

The Rosen Lecture Series Subcommittee invites nominations for the 2024-25 Rosen Lecture Series. The deadline to submit an application is April 26, 2024 at 11:59 pm.  

Please submit one electronic copy of your nomination form to

Rosen Lecture Series Information and Guidelines

Rosen Lecture Series Nomination Form


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