Review of Queen's Budget Model, 2022


The recommendations from Huron Consulting Group have been submitted and are under consideration by Queen's Principal and Provost. 


Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane initiated a conversation with the Queen’s community in 2019 to inform the development of Queen’s new strategy. The Report on the Conversation – an account and reflection on the feedback provided – highlighted input from the Queen’s community on the current resource consumption budget model.

Queen’s adopted a resource consumption model for central budgeting in 2013-14. The model was reviewed in 2015 and since that time a number of modifications have been introduced to enhance support for research, re-align incentives for cross-faculty undergraduate teaching, and provide greater financial flexibility to the central university. It has now been almost seven years since the previous review, and Queen’s is at a transition point with new leadership and the recent release of a new strategy.

A review of the budget model and Queen’s associated budget processes has been initiated to ensure that resource allocation is aligned with and advances the university’s new strategic direction, vision and goals.

Review Process

Queen’s budget model review was initiated in January 2022. The intent is to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of both the model and the associated processes, and to identify potential enhancements to the model that will achieve the following objectives:

  • Incentivize and support growth in research and graduate student programming;
  • Increase central funding to support pan-university strategic initiatives;
  • Encourage collaboration across Faculties/Schools/Shared-service units;
  • Reduce duplication of shared services;
  • Assess the distribution gap between Faculties/Schools; and
  • Decrease the complexity of the allocation model.

A steering committee has been formed to oversee the review, chaired by the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic). Huron Consulting Group has also been engaged to assist in the review of the budget model. 

The steering committee will report to the Principal on its progress and seek direction from the Principal where necessary.

Consultation Process

Huron Consulting Group will hold several interviews and focus groups with members of the Queen’s community who are involved in the annual budget process, including Department Heads, staff representatives from central services, Senators, Deans, Vice-Provosts, staff and other members of the administration.

The Principal and Vice-Chancellor received feedback on the current budget model through the two-year conversation and consultation process that informed the development of Queen’s Strategy. The input received through the conversation and the development of Queen’s strategy will also inform the work of the steering committee.

Members of the Queen’s community who wish to provide additional feedback can send their comments to

Steering Committee Membership
Matthew Evans Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
Ann Tierney Vice-Provost & Dean of Student Affairs
Barbara Crow Dean Faculty of Arts & Science
Donna Janiec Vice-Principal (Finance & Administration)
Fahim Quadir Vice-Provost & Dean of School of Graduate Studies
Heather Cole Chief of Staff and Legal Advisor, Office of the Principal
Heather Woermke Associate Vice-Principal (Finance & Administration)
Jane Philpott Dean Faculty of Health Sciences
Kevin Deluzio Dean Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
Lori Stewart Executive Director, Office of the Provost
Nancy Ross Vice-Principal (Research)
Teri Shearer Deputy Provost
Tim Almeida Executive Director, Budget & Resource Planning