Food Insecurity Working Group

 Food Insecurity Report (1.63 MB)


  • Review current available data related to food insecurity at Queen’s including the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), faculty research, National College Health Association Student Health and Wellness Survey (NCHA) and through the Campus Wellness Strategy consultation process
  • Create an inventory of work currently being done at Queen’s to support food insecure students
  • Review skills-based initiatives related to food security currently taking place at Queen’s and identify any potential gaps
  • Examine approaches other post-secondary educational institutions have used to address student food insecurity
  • Make recommendations related to awareness raising for students regarding the issue itself, and associated skill building support or services
  • To develop a final report, summarizing the findings and recommendations by October 21, 2019


Working Group Membership June 2019 – November 2019:

Teresa Alm - Representative from Student Financial Aid
Susan Belyea - Representative from the Division of Student Affairs
Corinna Fitzgerald - Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs delegate (chair)
Kate Humphrys - Representative from Student Wellness Services
Herman Kaur - Graduate Student at Large
Jennifer Pete - Representative from Food Services
Bunisha Samuel – Social Issues Commissioner, Alma Mata Society
Mikayla Sebesta – Student Researcher
Colette Steer - School of Graduate Studies delegate